Hydraulic Short and Long-Stroke Compact Cylinders

V450CM-YES Hydraulic Short and Long-Stroke Compact Cylinders

The V450CM-YES series includes hydraulic compact cylinders - both short and long strokes - specifically designed to move mold ejection plates.

These cylinders feature two different bores (50 and 63), and standard strokes from 80 to 200 mm.

Hydraulic Cylinders to Move Mold Ejection Plates

Hydraulic Cylinders to Move Mold Ejection Plates

Here are the main features of this series that make it particularly suitable to move mold ejection plates:
- cylinder bodies are made by means of CNC machines from one piece of steel;
- high-quality steel is employed, with no blow holes or blisters;
- the cylinder hydraulic sealing system is designed to avoid metal-on-metal contact, assuring lasting durability;
- seals are able to withstand temperatures up to 130° C;
- oil-supply holes in manifold-type cylinders are more simplified, being linearly and geometrically arranged;
- precision and roughness of mechanical processing is very high;
- oil-supply holes are quite large, allowing the cylinder piston to move more rapidly;
- cylinder rods are made of suitable materials and are well-dimensioned in order to withstand frontal and lateral shocks;
- cartridges feature an external ring designed to center the cylinder, avoiding rod misalignment;
- bodies and cartridges are not painted, but are chemically treated to avoid corrosion;
- cylinders in this series are totally safe for operators working around the molding machines. There are no screws, pins or expanders to occlude visible holes.

Best-Priced Hydraulic Cylinders

Best-Priced Hydraulic Cylinders

V450CM-YES cylinders can boast extremely competitive prices, leading to significant savings.

Delivery times are particularly fast thanks to our well-stocked warehouses in both Italy and China.

All cylinders are carefully tested in order to assure optimal performances and features.

Hydraulic Cylinder for Cart and Plug Movement Mould

Cart and Plug movement

Hydraulic Cylinder For Molds, For Moving Ejection Plates

Ejection Plate Movement

Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders Manifold Oil Delivery

Manifold Oil Delivery

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

Select clamping and configure the cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinders V450CM-YES
Hydraulic Cylinders V450CM-YES

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