Hydraulic Cylinders Support Bag

Hydraulic Cylinders Support Bag

There are times when your cylinder needs a helping hand. Even with our rapid and efficient customer service, though, the process of shipping the cylinder to us, repair it, and send it back to you is time and money consuming.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a kit with the same custom tools we use here at Vega, to skip the back-and-forth?

Our support bag is exactly that: a collection of instruments allowing you to replace seals, calibrate them, and put your cylinder into working conditions again.

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Support Bag for Hydraulic Cylinders

Since our support bag is used also by our resellers and agents, we’ve taken special care in choosing the best suited container.

The trolley is made by Roncato®, one of the leading companies in the Italian market, renowned for its construction quality and durability.

A size of 55 cm × 37 cm × 21 cm means it can be carried on most low-cost airlines, such as EasyJet®. And with a total weight of only 15 kg, you’ll be amazed at what fits inside.

Even if you park it in a corner of your workshop, its case will protect from dust and accidental hits, keeping all its components safe and sound.

Hydraulic Cylinders Seals Tools Kit

Hydraulic Cylinders Seals Tools Kit

Removing and replacing ring seals in a cylinder is not such a trivial task, mainly because the space is often so cramped and therefore unaccessible to the fingers. Facing this problem every day, we have created a set of tools to make the whole process easier, and we’ve included them in the service bag to let you take advantage of them.

The bag includes cones to widen the piston seals on placement, plastic jaws to help slide the seal in place, calibrators for both piston and rod seals, customized pliers and screwdrivers, tools to remove the old ring seals, and more.

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