Short-Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders

V400CL Short-Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders

The v400CL series includes short-stroke hydraulic cylinders featuring just one cartridge and one single-ended rod. The standard version includes piston bores from 16 to 100 mm, and strokes from 10 to 200 mm. These cylinders are mainly employed when internal room within cylinders is extremely reduced. Two cartridge fixings are available— the first one is threaded, whereas the second flange features 4 passing-through holes.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Molds

Hydraulic Cylinders for Molds

Vega Cylinders manufactures hydraulic cylinders for molds, and the main application of V400CL cylinders is moving all those components—such as carts, pins, and plugs—that might cause undercuts in plastic injection molds. V400CL rods and pistons are made of high-quality chromium-molybdenum steel, with no moils. The cartridge sealing system includes one scraper, 3 bush guides, and 2 Viton O-Rings. These components allow the cylinder sealing system to last over long periods of time.

They are compatible with ISO VG 46 mineral oils or water-glycol mixtures.

Short-Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders for Pressures up to 400 Bars

Short-Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders for Pressures Up to 400 Bars

The maximum working pressure of these cylinders is 400 bars, and the maximum delivery goes from 7 to 45 l/min.

Vega Cylinders offers a one-year long warranty for its cylinders, granting full support all over the world.

Moreover, thanks to the full stock of Vega, delivery times are greatly reduced. These short-stroke hydraulic cylinders can also be customized by sending a special project to Vega via e-mail (

These cylinders cannot be tested on hydraulic workbenches.

Hydraulic Cylinder for Cart and Plug Movement Mould

Cart and Plug movement

Hydraulic Cylinder For Molds, For Moving Ejection Plates

Ejection Plate Movement

Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

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