Conditions de Livraison

  1. Vega, except possible different agreements in writing between the parties, will deliver the products ex works its premises. If required, it will take care of the transport, at Customer’s risk, cost and expenses, as stated in the Order Confirmation.

  2. In any case, the obligation of delivery of Vega is considered fulfilled when the goods are handed over to the carrier and / or forwarder.

  3. Delivery is scheduled within the term written in the Order Confirmation. Such term is approximate and non-essential as per the article 1457 of Italian the civil code and, in any case, it does not include the time required for transport.

  4. Vega will not be held responsible of the delay and / or non-delivery caused by reasons not imputable to it, such as, merely as examples and without exhaustivity:

    1. inadequate or inexact technical data, or delays from the Customer in conveying the information and / or the data required for dispatching the products;
    2. troubles in supplying raw materials;
    3. problems connected to production or to orders planning;
    4. total or partial strikes, electrical cut-offs, natural disasters, measures enforced by Public Authorities, transport troubles, force majeure, riots, terrorist attacks, and all other force majeure;
    5. delays by the carrier.

    If any one or more of the abovementioned facts happens, Customer will have no right to any kind of reimbursement due to damages and / or to any possible compensation.


  1. Transport will be at Customer’s cost and at its risk.
  2. In case Vega takes care of the transport, it will choose the carrier which it will deem more suitable.