Materialien und Komponenten Hydraulikzylinder

While a good product is much more than just a sum of its parts, it is also true that good materials and components are the beginning of the path towards performance and quality.

This is why, here at Vega, we make sure to start with the right step: choosing the right elements.

Hydraulikzylinder aus Hochwertigem Stahl

Hydraulikzylinder aus Hochwertigem Stahl

Let’s start with the metals we choose to work with. Our steel of choice is high-quality carbon steel, which we use on the bodies and heads of the cylinders.

This material presents the required characteristics without the need for additional hardening, giving a head start on building a performing product.

For the rod, which is the most stressed part of the cylinder, the elected element is chromed and hardened alloy steel. This kind of steel has all the mechanical qualities needed for this crucial component.

The list doesn’t stop there: we use high alloy steels on our self-locking cylinders, spheroidal cast iron for the cartridges, aluminium alloy or stainless steel for those series with magnetic end-stroke sensors.

Hochwertige Dichtungen für Hydraulikzylinder

Hochwertige Dichtungen für Hydraulikzylinder

Other crucial components for durability and efficiency are the seals. During our 30 years of experience, we found the perfect balance, comprised of:

  • PTFE + Bronze seals: In direct contact with the moving parts, these seals are resistant and self-lubricant, making it the ideal separation between components in movement;
  • FKM O-Rings: These parts give dynamic energization to the seals, pushing them in place. FKM gives excellent resistance to high temperatures;
  • Tufcot + Graphite Fabric Guide Bushes: These parts help guiding the sliding components. They are resistant to compression, are self-lubricant and greatly reduce friction.

Of course, besides these standard seals, we have a whole range of special options for cases such as water-glycol or abnormally high temperatures.


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